It is the tradition of Great Hearts and North Phoenix Prep to inspire students to develop a personal library of literary classics they can keep, annotate and return to throughout their academic careers. Therefore we encourage parents to purchase these “Classics to Keep” so that your student may graduate with an impressive library of literary masterpieces. However for families that do not wish to purchase these texts, students will be given access to an academy copy to be used as a part of the curriculum. Students should not mark in the books provided by North Phoenix Prep and they must be returned once classwork is finished.“Classics to Keep” are available through any book seller. Please make sure to purchase editions with the exact ISBN number which has been provided for your convenience.

7th Grade Book Title Author ISBN
Lit Comp Call of the Wild Jack London 9780451531346
Lit Comp Julius Caesar William Shakespeare 9781439196717
Lit Comp A Collection of Short Stories* Edgar Allen Poe 9780812504552
Lit Comp A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens 9780486268651
Lit Comp Tales of the Greek Heroes R. L. Green 9780141325286
Music I The Trapp Family Recorder- Volume 1: For Soprano or Tenor Recorder The Trapp Family, Edgar Hubert Hunt 9780901938503
8th Grade Book Title Author ISBN
Lit Comp Beowulf Anonymous  9780393975802
Lit Comp Lord of the Flies William Golding 9780399501487
Lit Comp To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee 9780446310789
Lit Comp The Merchant of Venice William Shakespeare 9781439191163
History Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Anonymous 9780451531193
History The Song of Roland Harrison 9780451531933
Music II The Trap Family Recorder Volume 1: For Soprano or Tenor Recorder The Trapp Family, Edgar Hubert Hunt 9780901938503
9th Grade Book Title Author ISBN
Humane Letters Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain 9780451530943
Humane Letters The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald 9780743273565
Humane Letters My Antonia Willa Cather 9780395755143
Humane Letters Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas Frederick Douglass 9780143107309
Humane Letters The Old man and the Sea Ernest Hemmingway 9780684801223
Humane Letters Democracy in America (selections in supplement) Alexis de Tocqueville 9780451531605
Humane Letters Red Badge of Courage Crane 9780553210118
Humane Letters Billy Budd Melville 9781416523727
Humane Letters Othello William Shakespeare 9780743477550
Humane Letters Walden Thoreau 9781619493919
Science The Origin of Species Charles Darwin 9780451529060
Poetry Immortal Poems of the /English Language Oscar Williams 9780671496104
Latin IV Harper Collins Latin Dictionary (9-10) Harper Collins Publishers 9780060536909
Spanish I Oxford Spanish-English Dictionary Oxford University Press 9780199663309
French I Laurousse Dictionnaire Compact 9782035700025
French I Pirates Francais des Caraibes Mira Canion, Carol Gaab 9781934958599
10th Grade Book Title Author ISBN
Humane Letters Utopia Thomas More 9780140449105
Humane Letters Henry V William Shakespeare 9780743484879
Humane Letters Second Treatise on government John Locke 9780915144860
Humane Letters Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens 9780199536238
Humane Letters Discourse on the Origin of Inequality Jean-Jacques Rousseau 9780872201507
Humane Letters Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen 9780141439518
Humane Letters Communist Manifesto Karl Marx 9780553214062
Humane Letters Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoevsky 9780679734505
Humane Letters One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Alexander Soizhenitsyn 9780553247770
Latin V Harper Collins Latin Dictionary (9-10) Harper Collins Publishers 9780060536909
Latin V Essential Latin Grammar Bennett and Mahoney 9781585102440
Spanish II La Barca si Pescador Alejandro Casona 9788441421528
Spanish I Oxford Spanish-English Dictionary Oxford University Press 9780199663309
French II Le Voyage Perdu Blaine & Ray 9780929724683
French II Le Petit Prince St. Exupery 9780156013987
11th Grade Book Title Author ISBN
Humane Letters Iliad Homer (Tr. Lattimore) 9780226470498
Humane Letters Odyssey Homer (Tr. Lattimore) 9780061244186
Humane Letters Three Theban Plays Sophocles (Tr. Greene) 9780226311517
Humane Letters The Peloponnesian War Thucydides 9780684827902
Humane Letters Five Dialogues of Plato Plato 9780872206335
Humane Letters Hamlet William Shakespeare 9780743477123
Humane Letters Republic of Plato Plato (Tr. Bloom) 9780465069347
Humane Letters New Oxford Annotated Bible – used for 2 years Oxford University Press 9780195289602
Humane Letters Nichomachean Ethics Aristotle 9780226026756
Humane Letters Enchiridion Epictetus 9780486433592
Spanish III Los Arboles Mueren de Pie Alejandro Casona 9788441421899
Spanish III Diccionario Practico del Estudiante – used for 2 years 9788430699537
Spanish III Cantar de Mio Cid Guarner 9788441425279
French III L’Homme Qui Plantait des Arbres Jean Giono 9782070662081
French III Huis clos Jean-Paul Sartre 9782070368075
French III Lettres de mon Moulin Alphonse Daudet 9781517394356
Greek I Reading Greek: Text and Vocabulary – used for 2 years 9780521698511
Greek I Reading Greek: Grammar and Exercises – used for 2 years 9780521698528
12th Grade Book Title Author ISBN
Humane Letters Aeneid Virgil 9780553210415
Humane Letters Confessions (Oxford World’s Classics) Augustine 978-0199537822
Humane Letters Treatise on Law (Hackett Classics) Thomas Aquinas 9780872205482
Humane Letters The Divine Comedy: Inferno; Purgatorio; Paradiso Dante 9780679433132
Humane Letters Meditations on First Philosophy Descartes 9780872204201
Humane Letters Essays Montaigne 9780140446029
Humane Letters Brothers Karamazov Dostoevsky 9780374528379
Humane Letters King Lear William Shakespeare 9780743482769
Humane Letters Macbeth William Shakespeare 9780743477109
Humane Letters Reason in History Hegel 978-0872200562
Humane Letters Protagoras Plato 9780872200944
Humane Letters Selected Writings Marx 9780872202184
Humane Letters New Oxford Annotated Bible Oxford University Press 9780195289602
Physics II Structure of Scientific Revolutions Kuhn 9780226458120
Spanish IV Don Quijote de la Mancha Miguel de Cervantes 9788420412146
Spanish IV Cantar de Mio Cid (from 11th Grade) Guarner 9788441425279
Spanish IV Monolingual dictionary (Diccionario Practicoo del Edstudiante, Real Academia Espanola
Spanish IV Lazarillo De Tormes Anonymous 9788497130639
Spanish IV La Casa de Bernarda Alba (Focus Student Edition, Spanish Edition) Federico Garcia Lorca 9781585101436
Spanish IV El Coronel No Tiene Quien Le Escriba Gabriel Garcia Marquez 9780307475442
French IV Candide, ou l’Optimisime Voltaire 9781585102471
French IV Le Malade Imaginaire, Comedie Moliere 9782011678409