Student Life

Learn more about our rich student culture at North Phoenix Prep. Field trips, student socials, leadership opportunities, athletics, community service.

After/Before School and Co-Curricular Programs

Co-Curricular programs remain integral to the educational experience at North Phoenix Prep. We encourage students to build communities and bonds with co-curricular programs offered at North Phoenix Prep.

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Student Leadership

North Phoenix Prep provides high school students with unique opportunities for servant leadership, personal development, and community service.

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Gladiator Teams

Ludi Gladiatorii (Gladiator Games)
The North Phoenix Prep Gladiator Program fosters pride, respect, and teamwork through academic and athletic competition. Each gladiator team has developed a unique culture and set of traditions that represents the particular interests and talents of its members. Gladiator teams are run by high school leaders, or lanistae, appointed and directed by the teachers.

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Social Life

High School students have 2 semi-formal dances & 2 casual social events a year. Our PSO arranges for many grade level social activities for the middle school grades.

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Field Trips

Each grade goes on at least one field trip a year.

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